7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im pregnant for 7 weeks and 2 days but after blood checkup i have thyroid 9.8 is it dangerous? Im taking eltroxin tablets . What else can i take naturally to prevent it or reduce it

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Question: I have thyroid, im taking tablets 25mg and period is regular. But im not get pregnant, what shall i do??
Answer: Hi dear. Have you checked your weight . If you are over weight then reduce it accordingly . Download period tracker app . You will come to know about your fertile days . Have intercourse during that time . Above all eat and sleep properly. Everything will be good . All the best .
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Question: Hi iam 7 th pregnant in starting i have thyroid problm now it is controlled,can i take thyroid tablets after controlled
Answer: Hello dear. Can understand your curosity and worry... Thyroid if controlled and regularised will not cause any problem. ...its good that you have taken your treatment and now thyroid is under control...to continue the medicines or not this only your doctor can confirm. So pls meet doctor and follow the advice
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Question: Hi. I'm 28 week pregnant. Im having thyroid problem. Doctor said to me it is only 3 points increased from normal so you have take tablets. After child birth it will be reduce. Can i take the tablets?
Answer: Any thyroid level exceeding 3 has to be given thyroxine tablets... Otherwise can harm the baby development... Better not to take any chance.... After childbirth hv a regular followup for thyroid level... Mostly it comes down to euthyroid level.
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