23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im 22weeks pregnant.does movement of the baby increase day by day?and to a friend of mine her baby movements satrted reducing after 8months eventually the baby was born dead.why did it happen?

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Question: Im in 19 th week and was feeling little movements of baby.. but from last night i feel no movement. Is it some serious or it happen sometimes.
Answer: It happens sometimes....... Try one think....eat something whenever you feel like this bcoz normally when we eat smthing then baby try also to eat or take something. Do check till 30 mins when you eat
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Question: my baby was fair when born..now becoming dark day by day..when will come to know real color..will it be the color of her ear
Answer: * At birth, most babies are to some extent purple-reddish. * After a day or two, the purple becomes more pink, due to blood vessels being visible through the newborn baby’s very thin skin. * At this time, some babies get a yellowish skin color due to physiological jaundice; common in newborn babies. * The newborn baby’s feet might be purple for a while, due to blood circulation not yet mature. * Over the coming six months, the baby’s true skin color will develop, which is entirely controlled by genes, and not something we can control at all.
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Question: My baby was fair at the time of her delivery. By 12th day she started reducing her skin color. Her ears are darker from the day of birth.How can we check her actual skin colour?
Answer: babies change their colour ....my daughter was fair at birth and same like u r kid she got darken and after 20 days again she came in natural colour so dont u wry.
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