13 months old baby

Question: hi im now mother of 13months baby boy for birth I have not feeded him vt my milk becoz for starting I don't get milk do not knw the reason asked doctor thy gave some medicine but no use same problem I vil face for 2 child I want knw the reason y no breast milk 4me

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Answer: no, it's not necessary that if you unable to breastfeed the first baby same thing will happen to second also. it's not important .but yes you are in thirst trimester start having oats in your diet it helps your body to prepare for good breast milk supply. and lastly all depends on your body. so don't take tension.
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    Sandhya Rani1341 days ago

    thank u

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Question: I am mother of 5 mnth twins babies ...y my mother milk so salty thts y my baby does not sucking....is ths is reason for low milk supply or milk dry out....pls reply me..anyone know means
Answer: Milk cant be salty and if baby are refusing milk then the milk will start to low. Basically, the more you breastfeed, the more milk there will be. Always have plenty to drink and eat, with lots of good fresh salads and vegetables, and get a good amount of rest. In the early days, when baby sleeps - you should sleep. Always, always let bubs lead the way where breastfeeding is concerned. Do not limit the time, or restrict to certain times.  Here are foods that can help increase breastmilk;garlic, almonds, oats, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds. Use them in your food daily, make them a part of your meals. All these are supposed to increase your breastmilk.
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Question: My baby is having red rashes on his face. I don't know what is the reason. We have given him cow milk to him
Answer: Red rashes may be due to unhygienic conditions. Always clean your baby after every feed and keep baby dry. Also apply lotion always after bath so that the skin will remain moisturised even after bath. I am using mamaearth baby body lotion. It is a natural product and non sticky also. It always keep skin healthy and nourished.
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Question: Is it harmful to wear bra panty for the child.?..becoz my mother-in-law is telling that.... suggest me i am not feel comfortable without that....
Answer: No it doesnt harm ur child. If u are comfortable to wear the inners u can wear it.
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