38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi im 37wk my weight is 63kg and baby weight is 2950 till now so can i have normal delivery n wt should i do for normal delivery pls tel me 3 wks to go

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Answer: pls tel me
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Question: Hello my 6 month is about to complete. I have just gain 3 kg till now. It is ok or what should I do for weight gain.
Answer: Hiie dear Nothing to worry abht if u r not gaining weight .same happens 2 me I also don't gains weight till 25 weeks I ask to my gyno she said if baby growth s normal then nothing to worry abht weight . It's depends on body 2 body some gains weight nd some does not gains weight too .so ask ur gyno abht ur babies growth nd take green vegerables ,fresh fruits ,nuts ,cheese ,butter paneer in ur diet . It's helpful in weight gains too .Take care.🤗
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Question: My weight is so so.....so what can I do now ?my weight 84.age 23
Answer: Hey i am a Footballer and i can help you with this as i got experience in reducing my weight. If you hav eto reduce weight then you have to know how much calories you are eating in a day. After calculating all this. Just make notes of daily calorie intake and i am telling you some excercise do it start of with 5 then increase 2 daily in each set. Do 3 sets of 5 burbpees each, and do 30 sec plank after that rope skipping for at least 10 min daily, and 500 jumping jacks start with this do this after 3 to 4 hours eating your lunch or in the morning as you like. Increase reps, sets and timing each week do this of 2 weeks and see your result. But just know that you have to burn more calories then you eat so cut off sugar and take some sprouts, nuts it will help you to fill your apitide for longer hours
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Question: Hi..im in pune..here situation is very bad bcoz of corona..yesterday my 7th month is started..have to go hospital..but bcoz of corona im so fear..what should i do?can i go hospital. Or not?
Answer: Dear for check ups you have to go.. don't miss it.. firstly talk to the dr., Might be your dr. Is available or not, or what he suggests... Then with proper precautions go for checkup and maintain distance from the people,wash your hand at regular intervals, and wear mask.
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