18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im 5 moths pregnant..im having yellow jelly like discharge. Is it normal?

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Answer: hi if the distance is yellow it indicates infection you should be very careful you should maintain a very good hygiene you should was the day they are frequently three to four times in a day you can also use vaginal wash you should keep it drive by wiping from front to back position where only cotton using this should help and drink lot of water
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Question: I'm 38 week pregnant..having Jelly like discharge today.. Is it normal???
Answer: Hi Dr... Congratulations.... don't worry it's normal.... But r near to ur delivery... During this time it happens.... Just b hydrated , do some simple exercises like butterfly poster VL help u...
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Question: I'm having white jelly like discharge is this normal? ?
Answer: Hi. Yes. Occurrence of white discharge is normal if it does not have a foul smell or it's not yellowish or green in color. It's a signal of ovulation in women. But if it's accompanied ,like I said, a foul odours or color change it indicates towards UTI infection. Infection in the organs of the pelvic region like uterus. .cervix. can also be reason for white discharge and low back pain. Consult your doctor for a better understanding.
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Question: 21week preg. Having transparent thick jelly discharge is it normal ?..
Answer: It's normal take more cold items like tender coconut,curd or yogurt,more water., Avoid heat items like chicken,garlic.,
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