33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi,im having Cloudy urination from few days. any problem

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Answer: Hi dear... during pregnancy women will have in increase in vaginal discharge which can mix with urine causing it to appear cloudy. If u don't have any vaginal infections it is nothing to worry... however it would be better if you keep your doctor informed about it also... take care
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Question: Hi, Im 36th week, I'm having tight in my stomach. Frequent urination. Is there any problem
Answer: Hi dear the tightening might becaus eof gastric issue to try to take a cup of war water with hing it reduces the bloating and also walk for few minutes after taking this. Pleaee note the babys movent if it is less please consult thw doctor immediately and also pleas echeck for regular urination. Urinating is good during pregnancy but not much.
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Question: Hi Sir Frequent urination is having any problem
Answer: Hello ma'am Frequent urination during pregnancy is very common Due to pressure of the growing baby and we drink lots of water which is very important during pregnancy leads to frequent urination So it should not be any problem but if frequency is very much than do consult your gynac gynac Doctor Also try to sit in tub with warm water mixed with little salt in the its home remedy for urinary tract infection Generally during pregnancy some times some ladies get UTI so to sit in warm water with sal mix is also good. But if after using home remedies for 2 yo 3 days the urination frequency is not decreasing thsn do consult your gynac Doctor Thank you Take care
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Question: Hi, I am 6 weeks pregnant and from few days am not feeling any symptoms except frequent urination
Answer: It is normal few women do not feel any symptoms.. My sister in law had similar experience.. Hence nothing to worry about it dear.
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