19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im feeling too tired with out doing any work and feels so hungry..i dont know which food i have to eat...even the food not tasty to eat...i dont know what i have to do...help me

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Answer: Dear your situation is exactly mine but it's ok. Don't think pregnancy as a disease. It's a blessing of God and chill relax its natural. Its hormonal changes and feeling weak ,sleepy all the time, if you feel continpusly better check for your hb level , bp etc. If everything is normal nothing to worry. I would say enjoy this period and yes food is tasteless I know but can't help it you have to eat healthy n don't add extra Spices it will make you more sick . So enjoy
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    Bhavana Kotari749 days ago

    tq dear..

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Question: Im feeling very tired today and I am not doing any work. What to do?
Answer: Hi dear, Low stamina and fatigue is quite common during pregnancy.due to high progesterone level the body gets sluggish and tired. You need to check your thyroid level first.as thyroid requirement increases during pregnancy.you check your sugar levels too.apart from that do check our water intake.dehydration can directly impact your energy levels.keep sipping water through out the day.fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to be consumed daily for overall health.vitamin d deficiency can also make one feel tired.keep yourself exposed to morning sunlight.include mild exercises in your daily routine.many times staying inactive can lead to lethargy.also refer to Healofy app for pregnancy care.
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Question: Feeling hungry all the time and even if i eat anything the hunger feeling in the stomach is not going. Feels totally tired if i dont eat anything each hour. Is there any remedy to avoid frequent hunger
Answer: It's okay if you feel Hungry. Just have healthy snacks. And short meals.. drink plenty of water and fluids..
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Question: I feel hungry ..but im not able to eat properly ..feels like vomitting...dont know how to take proper diet
Answer: Hi dear. I m going to give you some tips which will help in suppressing vomiting sensation so you can eat properly. Its quite normal during first trimester of pregnancy it is the most common symptom female feel in early pregnancy . you eat too salty biscuits even before getting out of bed and avoid oily spicy and having food . Avoid drinking too much water while eating food . Avoid strong smelling food as it xan trigger vomiting. Ask someone to prepare food for you because while cooking food, its smell will supress your hunger. I xan understand you must not be feeling eating like anything but you should not stay hungry , in this condition rely more upon fresh fruits , liquid and light food. Eat small bit frequent meals. Get plum candy for you, its taste will help you in suppressing vomiting and also help you in maintaining good hb level. Keep sipping water throughout the day. Hopefully your problem will vanish away once you will enter your second trimester. Take care.
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