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Question: Hi .. im a mother of 4 m n 23 days old baby boy... My baby is on formula .. as there was very low milk production .. he s on formula from almost 1st month... Now he s facing lot of health issues like UTI .. stomach infection .. vomitings.. i tried all sorts of foods that vl lead to production of of milk n even took tablets like lactare n lactare granules in milk .. n perinorm tab.. but there was no use..is there any chance now to restart the milk production ... Any other options that i can try .. please let me know

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Answer: lloHello dear, Here are some foods and remedies ,which can help to increase breast milk supply. Masur Dal... This is most important. Take everyday one glass masur dal with ghee. Oatmeal...Cinnamon or honey..... Spinach... Garlic. ...Brewer's yeast...Fenugreek. ...Apricots... Here is a simple homemade powder for increasing milk supply in lactating mothers. Dry roast equal quantities of cumin and fennel seeds till they turn aromatic. Cool them and grind to powder. Mix ½ tsp powder in ½ tsp warm ghee and consume 30 minutes before food 2 to 3 times a day. Desi ghee works best. This can be consumed for 2 weeks, followed by a break for 4 to 5 days and then repeat the cycle. This also helps to reduce colic in breastfed babies. A small portion of ajwain/ carom seeds can also be included. Hope it helped.... Take care urself....
Answer: Hello dear, you need to change your formula Milk. If you want to choose formula milk,, the best is go for Nan Pro. It has it's share of benefits. It will not let your child feel constipated, and will also gove your baby all the essential nutrients required for the proper growth. Remember one thing your baby is too young and so is the intestine which will digest mother's feed or formula feed as it's light in nature. Take care ur little one....
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Question: My breast milk production is very less. I m having lactonic granules n i even had perinorm tablets. Still no milk production. Moreover my 22 days old baby boy also only wants formula milk. The moment he sees my breast he starts crying. Is there any possibility of increasing breast milk? I had a cesarean baby.
Answer: Hey Dear,  I also had the same issue when my baby was born. Few tips which is used, tried and tested by me hope it will help.  Try to offer ur baby more breast milk even if u hv low supply the more baby latch the more milk will produce so offer ur baby both the sides like 10 mins from left then another 10mins from right side. Doing this the milk glands will open and start produce milk. Other then this u can try zeera and ajwain water this will also help to make more milk. You can also try to increase ur milk supply by using breast pump with its suction power the milk glands can start producing milk. Include more milk products in ur diet like milk porridge (daliya) works very effectively and it's very very healthy for u too.
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Question: My baby has passed green colour stool... It was dark green... Is there any problems? He is on formula milk
Answer: There are majorly 3 reasons for baby to pass green stool. First, imbalance in foremilk and hindmilk. When baby takes only foremilk he is likely to pass green stool. For this feed baby for minimum of 20mins each breast. This way he ll get hindmilk. Second, When baby has any bacterial or viral infection like cold and cough. Apply nutmeg paste on baby's chest feet and palms daily at night. And you can also use mustard garlic ajwain oil to massage his body. Third, It could be due to stomach infection. In this case get stool test done.
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Question: Hiii .. my son s 5+ months old .. he s on formula from 4 th month ..i tried givinh mothera milk .. but i couldn't.. i had c-section.actually delivery after i got periods in the next month itself.. i tried granules n all .. but it didnt work .. im seriously much worried.. now bf is completely dried.. wat shud i do to restart ??
Answer: Don't worry I had same problem. I have formula milk to baby and after 5.5 month I started semi solids . You also eat high fibre food for milk production. Some tablets are also in market for milk production .You can try homemade nuskha also
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