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Question: Hi I'm 8week pregnant... But still now no growth and no heart beat is seen in scan... What's the reason... Pls anyone say... Doctor said d&c is the only way.. What should we do...

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Answer: Hi dear don't worry I can understand your situation please don't lose your hope when the Heartbeat is not listen then we should go for DNC if not it might cause problem to you and also to the baby so it is better to cure it at the early stage so please say don't lose any hope soon you will be blessed with a healthy baby keep your mind stress free please dear
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Question: I'm 10weeks pregnant doctor said no heart beat found. What is the reason?
Answer: when there is no heartbeat in a pregnancy that is definitely far enough along that the heartbeatshould be visible, the ultrasound results definitelymean miscarriage. ... 'No Fetal Pole' Doesn't AlwaysMean Miscarriage.
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Question: Hello my baby heart beat Is not seen and no growth. What should we do
Answer: hi wait for two weeks then repeat scan same thing happened for me too after two week is normal take compelete rest eat healthy food
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Question: Hai now a days why fetus has absence of heart beat? Is there any reason? My sister is 9 weeks pregnant doctor scan & said there is no heart beat in fetus.. so doctor suggest her to make D & C..
Answer: Hi dear, I am so sorry to hear about it.yes,any moment there is no heartbeat of baby found,it needs to be aborted.
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