32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, Im 31wks 5days pregnant with twin babies.. Last week i did my growth scan.. Fetal A is in breech position and B is in cephalic position.. Is normal delivery possible..? Or is there any complications in section C..? Also report shows leg growth is less than 2 weeks for both babies.. will it grow?

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Answer: Hi dear, in twin pregancy growth lag is common. So, it expected that they will catch the growth. If your both babies will not be on cepalic position then doctor will not take the risk of vaginal birth. Chances of c section is more.
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Question: Hi now im in 8th month pregnant recently i went to growth scan....in scan report baby in breech position....if there is any problem in normal delivery
Answer: Normal delivery is impossible in baby's breech position... But do not think too much baby can change position in any time as u r in 33 week u have time for this(baby can change position before two week of delivery or before two hours of delivery) .......but still baby dnt change position then dr will do cesarean because in breech position normal delivery is very risky for u and ur baby
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Question: hi... can a cephalic presentation baby in tiffa scan turn to breech position baby in growth scan?? is it possible?????
Answer: Hi,yes this is possible.baby can turn its position dear through its movements.
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Question: In my 29 week scan report shows baby is in cephalic (head high in position)..what does it mean?? Is normal delivery possible??
Answer: It's better position for normal delivery...congratulations:)
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