18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm 17 weeks ow. Is it safe to eat sweet corn (home made)?

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Answer: Eating sweet corn is absolutely fine during pregnancy , only women suffering from diabetes should avoided it.
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Question: I'm 6weeks pregnant.can I eat yogurt?Is it safe?
Answer: Sure u can take yougurt its safe .Yoghurt is a healthy snack to eat during pregnancy. It is packed with vital nutrients such as calcium and protein. But make sure curd should be fresh, home made nd take it in day time too try it dear
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Question: Hi. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to eat Maggi once in a while?
Answer: Yes no issue but don't take too much and don't make it usual habit. Sometimes it is ok but not everytime. Its not the time to look at your taste but its the time to look and care for your baby who is inside you.
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Question: How safe it is to eat mangoes in pregnancy??
Answer: sure u can take mangoes . Mangoes are low in fat, low in calories but very high in fiber. You will also find lots of Vitamins C and B in Mangoes as well as iron, potassium and protein.
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