Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi sry if this is disgusting...I have delivered baby through normal delivery and still stiches r there in vaginal area..whenever I rush to toilet am unable to control my bowel moments sometimes it keeps leaking before going inside...is it normal ..

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Answer: Hello! There is nothing to be disgusting about it. Yes it is somewhat common to have trouble in controlling bowel movements or gas after vaginal birth also known as Anal incontinence. It happens when the tear is deep enough to involve the anal sphincter. Most women regain control of their bowels within a few months of giving birth, as the area heals.  Exercising the muscles that support your bladder, uterus, and bowel (pelvic floor muscles) can prevent or even reverse anal incontinence. So it is recommended to do regular Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. If Kegels don't help, make an appointment with a pelvic rehab physical therapist. Many women with anal incontinence, as well as those who have difficulty emptying their bowel, see improvement after pelvic floor therapy. In the meantime, you may want to wear special absorbent underwear to handle bowel leaks,these are easily found in the chemist shops. Take care
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Question: Hello i delivered baby girl on 22nd june got stiches thet r opend but i have itching on vaginal area what to do cuz sometimes its unbearable n even i have coconut oil but still burn n itching is there what to do plz help me
Answer: Itching in vagina can be due to improper hygiene or if that area is becoming over dry. Keep ur genital clean wash with water after very time u poop or pee. Avoid using soaps or body wash. Wear cotton underwear only. Follow a healthy diet. Have lots of water and if the situation is unbearable then seek medical advice.
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Question: Hii Doctor,I delivered a baby girl through c section 16 days back.Now I don't hv pain on the stich area but inside my stomach I feel pain sometimes and at night I am sleeping by turning right side.will it effect my stiches?
Answer: Hello, Dear it must be after pains. You can feel some sharp pains in your stomach sometimes because your uterus is shrinking back to its normal shape . So don't worry just take rest and it will be fine on its own..
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Question: hi I had normal vaginal delivery before delivery I had constipation but after that now while going toilet I feel pain and put more pressure which sometimes results in blood stain . I would like to know if what's the symptoms of piles if yes then what needs to be done to prevent from this ? 1.food items 2. if I take medicines then will it affect my baby as I am breastfeeding her
Answer: Hi dear. Eat prunes. Thay are natural mild laxative. Drink 8 -10 large glasses of fluid everyday. Increase your fibre intake. Eat bread. Take enough rest. Never postpone when you have the urge of going to bathroom. If these doesn't work, ask your doctor for fibre supplement or mild laxative
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