30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi....if baby kicks more then boy baby ?? if it move more then gal baby ?? is tat true ladies

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Answer: None of these myths work, I personally have this feeling. Be ready for the gift on the date of delivery that I know for sure will be a happy moment.
Answer: Ye sb bekar ki baatein h asa kuch ni hota mera baby 4th mnth me move krne lg gya tha or bhut movement krta tha......or mjhe baby boy h..
Answer: No...
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Question: boy baby means kicks a lot and girl baby means more movement oly no kicks ?? is tat true??
Answer: It's not proven science. There is no theory in it it's just mid wives tale, and I have seen a lot of time completely opposite thing happening. So you should think about you and your baby health, gender you would know after delivery 😇
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Question: if baby kicks and move more times then it's boy baby ?????
Answer: No, it just means that your is active. When I was pregnant with my son I used to feel very less movements. After delivery he used to sleep a lot and I had a hard time waking him for feeds
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Question: I've heard that if baby kicks are felt more on left then its a girl and if on the right then its a boy.is it true?
Answer: Hi dear there is no truth i. This myth. It is not at all practical. Baby can move in any direct.l saving the fact of girl or boy.
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