12 months old baby

Question: Hi , if baby has suffer cold & cough .so please suggest me that in this period sabudana khicdi or sabudana water harmful for my 1yr baby

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Answer: No u should nt. Sabudane k taseer thandi hoti h its harmful in cough n cold Try to give meethe jave made in water nt milk Jave are also called vermicilli
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Question: My wife suffer from a cough in this period suggest me what type of medicine she take which is not harmful for baby
Answer: Hi,fir medication it is better to take advice from your Dr as it us very imp to give safe meds You can try home remedies for her Hi dear,you can try these home remedies. Place a humidifier in the room so that it is easier for her to breathe..it will keep the room moist.and prevent the formation of crusty mucus.she can also try steamalation.Inhaling steam helps to clear the blockage. Tie few garlic pods in a piece of cloth and place it on the nevk during night time Apply saffron paste to the forehead it is very effective in treating cold,cough and fever. Heat ajwain seeds and tie it in a clean cloth and make the potli an use as a hot compressor She should also have warm water She should have ginger honey paste Let her do salt water gargling Shecan apply Vicks Put saline water nasal drops This will give relief
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Question: My baby has cold & cough..suggest me please
Answer: Hello dear Following remedies u can try for cold and cough 1. Steam: Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. 2. Lots of rest: When your child rests, he's healing, which is exactly what he needs to do. 3. Saline drops and bulb syringes : Using a bulb syringe works best for young babies, especially if a stuffy nose interferes with breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. 4. Extra fluids:Drinking plenty of fluids prevents dehydration, thins your child's nasal secretions, and flushes them out. 5. a cool-mist humidifier will help loosen mucus
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Question: My 1yr 3mnth baby suffer from dry cough and vomiting also. Pls suggest me any remedy
Answer: Hi dear to treat for cough you can give your baby some 1 glass milk added with a pinch turmeric powder and a pinch black pepper boiled well in 1 glass milk before bed at night fir effective result.. Also in early morning after brush in a pinch black pepper add 1 spoon honey and mix well and make the baby to eat Turmeric,honey can cure any kind of throat problems as they are natural anti biotics
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Question: My 1yr 3mnth baby suffer from dry cough & vomiting also. Pls suggest me any remedy
Answer: Water or milk lo small amount of turmeric mix well... And give to the baby... Its good antibiotic madecine for all problems... And 1 drop of honey 1drop of lemon juce and 2 cubes of cristal salt mix to the small amount of water like 10ml... In the form of motion the cough is out from the body... If atmosphere temperature is high dont ptefer that
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