13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi iam 13 weeks ..today I have done TSH test it is 5.6 is it normal or I have thyroid plz suggest me how much should be there...

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Answer: its high 3 tak hona chahiya dr. se bat kariye dose badhayegi.
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    Nalini Naidu1280 days ago

    actually they told me to do only TSH.. iam worried if I get thyroid I should tak tablet life long Na...

Answer: t3 and t4 kitna hai?
Answer: t3 and t4 kitna hai?
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Question: Iam 34 weeks yesterday I was done with scan in that cervical length is 3.0cm. Is it normal. Is there any problem. How much it should be. Please iam worried about it reply me
Answer: Hello The cervical length is 4 to 5 cms it gets shorter as ur pregnancy progresses. The average cervical 3.5cm. When the cervical length decreases below 2.2cm women face about 20 percent chances of having preterm labour. The lower the cervical length goes higher are the chances of having preterm labour.
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Question: Hi mam, today I taken thyroid test TSH value is 4.910 is it normal or abnormal. Please tell me
Answer: In 3rd trimester the suggested thyroid level should be below 3.0 but you have more than 4 so this is higher than the normal level you should maintain your thyroid level by following proper diet and also taking proper medicine
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Question: I am 30 weeks pregnant i have done my thyroid test t3 215 , t4 13.8, tsh 1.88 is it normal
Answer: hello dear its high and check with your doctor dear
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