23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.iam 23 weeks pregnant.in scanning my baby wt is 443gm is it normal or less?

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Answer: Hi,weight at this week should be around 503 Gme Your baby weight us little less but it's not much difference .however you should eat healthy food with high proteins this will help the baby to out in weight Also you should now be including ghee and butter and cheese Peanut butter with whole wheat toast will also help you Have milk shakes with extra cream This will help
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Question: I'm 23 weeks pregnant.... In my scanning.. Its showing breech presentations... Wt is it??
Answer: Breech presentation is defined as a fetus in a longitudinal lie with the buttocks or feet closest to the cervix. It is fairly common for a baby to be in abreech position before 35-36 weeks gestation, but most gradually turn to the cephalic position before the last month.dont worry...n have a nice pregnancy
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Question: I am 23 weeks pregnant.In my 2nd level ultrasound everything is normal except there is low lying placenta. Is this normal or risky? What does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear, low lying placenta means when you placenta on or near the cervix. You may know that cervix is the mouth of uterus through which baby comes out from the tummy. As your uterus is increasing it creates immense pressure on the cervix which may cause bleeding from the placenta. Low lying placenta is very risky and you need to take proper bed rest don't do anything except going to washroom. No hard work ,no bending front ,no climbing up stairs, and no long journey for you. Mild pressure on cervix make cause hemorrhage from placenta. Chances of having normal delivery is very less in low lying placenta. Sometimes as the uterus increases it moves upward then it is normal otherwise you have to go for C section. Take care.
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Question: Hello Dr. ... Am 9 month pregnant.In my last week scanning baby weight is 2653/+-350.Is it normal?baby growth is 35 weeks 3 days as per usg.
Answer: Dear your baby's weight is completely healthy and normal and is according to the week of pregnancy..
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Question: My AFI wt 23 weeks was 10.6cm..is that normal?
Answer: Dear an afi between 8-18 is considered normal during pregnancy. Make sure to keep ur water intake atleast 3-4 ltrs and also start taking coconut water it helps in keeping the amnuitic fluid levels good during pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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