26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi iam 25 weeks pregnant before 25 weeks no symptoms in pregnancy but now from yesterday vomtings are started so what problem plz tell me

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Question: Iam 20 weeks pregnant . Iam getting severe pain from yesterday while standing in right abdomen.
Answer: Hi, Mild lower abdominal pain is common in pregnancy due to growing uterus to stretch muscles and tendons of pelvic organs.so sometimes it feels like cramps also.need not to worry.drink warm water and take paracetamol tablet if you have severe pain.if you feel any burning sensation while passing urine please visit doctor once.take care
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Question: Hai iam 9mnths now iam getting abdominal pain is this delivery pain or labour pain plz tell me iam so tensed only abdominal pain no bleeding, no white discharge.. Plz reply me.. What I do
Answer: If it's continues fr more time then u please visit ur hospital don't neglect
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Question: Hi.. I am 33 weeks pregnant and my Dr. Has given me betnesol injection yesterday? Pls tell for what reason ? If I have no problems in my pregnancy.
Answer: It is for the development of lungs of the baby. It is good.
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