7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi iam getting vomiting frequently after taking food.. my doctor adviced me to take detoxinate tablet.. now vomiting is stopped can i continue it or not

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Answer: Ya u can continue .it is a safe in pregnency, dont worry
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    Anonymous898 days ago

    Thnd for the advice

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Question: I am feeling like vomiting or nausea from morning. my doctor has already prescribed me tablet vomilast in case I feel such problem. can I take it now? and also tell whether it should after having some food or not?
Answer: Before taking any medicine please try this... If you don't feel good, can take tablet... Nausea and vomiting are usually part of healthy pregnancy. The misery typically goes away by the middle of the second trimester but some pregnant leady face them throughout pregnancy. I am trying some simple remedies to get rid of this problem. You can also try this. Take ginger juice off course it is very bitter in taste so mix it with little honey and have it. Drink lots of water. You can also drink lemon water. Stay well hydrate. Keep yourself calm and take rest. Sometimes hunger  increases nausea. So eat regular meals and small snacks like dry fruits ( soaked almonds, 4 5 cashew nuts, 2 walnuts, fresh orange juice, fruits, sprouts, chhena, biscuits, namkin.  Also you can have lemon water with black salt.
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Question: Doctor had adviced me to take orofer xt iron tablet ..it increases constipation n gastric...hence i stopped it ...is it ok n whats the alternative for it
Answer: Don't stop taking any medicine without Dr concern. Eat iron rich food like pomegranate juice, spinach, amla etc.
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Question: Hi...m 10 weeks pregnant now.. Wen I was 6 weeks pregnant I consulted my doctor for the first time after getting pregnant.. At tat time I was not having so much nausea or vomiting... But my doctor prescribed me sinate(R) tablet for vomiting... Since I dinthad much nausea, I dint take tat tablet... Now m suffering very much nausea n vomiting through out the day... So can I take donate tablet wen I feel like vomiting?... Should I take it before food or after food?... Pls help me out... Since my oppointment is next week... I need to know about the tablet.. 😴
Answer: U take medicine after food .. doctor told me, so I m suggesting u..
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