4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi iam 9th week pregnant. .....just now I have brown discharge. ..is it any problem of pregnancy pls rly me

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Answer: Hi dear, a bit of brown Discharge is normal as basically it's an old blood that has accumulated during implantation that comes out along with the white discharge. Thats why its brownish in color Bcoz it is old blood fresh blood is always red or bright red in colour. So I don't think it is anything to worry till the time it is coming in normal flow. Take care!
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Question: Light brown discharge iam in 7th week pregnancy?any problem
Answer: No worries...it's implantation bleeding...so be calm and think positive
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Question: Now iam 9th month pregnancy, iam getting white discharge. Is there any problem?
Answer: It's the sign that you are nearing your labour. It might also be because of urine infection. So kindly contact your gynecologist once and be safe.
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Question: Hai iam 14 weeks pregnant now... i have just pain in stamoch is it any problem?
Answer: Hi.. It is a common problem that females face during pregnancy, however please inform your gynaecologist about the same.
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Question: Hi am 30 week pregnant... Till now in my pregnancy i don't have any veginal discharge. Is it any problem....?
Answer: Hi. No dear its not a problem.at all. Dont worry.
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