32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi iam 8 month pregnancy naku small quantity watery White discharge avthunvi if any problem pls tell me

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Answer: Hi dear baginal discharge during pregnancy is, so you don't it very much about it there but when you get more water fluid like things please consult the doctor immediately don't do heavy work for don't lift heavy objects take enough rest always sleep on your left side drink more water avoid walking or standing for long period
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Question: Hi iam 38 weeks pregnant. From yesterday iam getting white discharge and water is leaking in very small quantity. Wt shd i do?
Answer: Hi, The signs of water breaking include feeling a slow leak or a sudden gush of water.you might experience a sensation of wetness in your vagina, intermittent or constant leaking of small amount of watery fluid from your vagina which is clear or pale yellow fluid.if it is continuous please visit doctor once.take care and all The best
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Question: Hi,I'm having white discharge. Is any problem tell me please
Answer: White discharge in pregnancy is normal dear. If it is associated with any foul smell or vaginal itching then you need to see doctor and take treatment.
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Question: Hiiii.... Iam 8 month pregnant.. 8 month me white watery discharge hota kya? Aur urine ki place pe bhi pain hota Plz reply Koi problem h kya Ya it's common
Answer: Yes white discharge regular hoga and urine k place m mujhe BHI pain karta h.its very normal as my Dr.said.
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