27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi iam 7 month pregnancy naku baby movement less movement if any problem pls reply me

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Answer: No ,its normal ...if there is no movement than go for a scan otherwise its normal to have less movement sometimes
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Question: Iam 7 weeks pregnent my weight is 37.6 kg any prblm if iam less weight??
Answer: Hi Dear! 37.6 kg is less in pregnancy but dont worry you will start gaining a lot of weight after a couple of weeks 11-15 kgs gets increased in pregnancy . Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi iam 7 month pregnancy naku white discharge lo kocham brown color vundhi if any problem pls tell me
Answer: Hi andi ...okasari ayte parledu .mali meku ala kanipnchana pain emana una uneasy ga una pls consult once me doctor ni
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Question: Hi iam 7 month pregnant from yest i didnt get baby movement..is anything problem.. Please suggest me
Answer: Hello.. It's not normal.after 24 wks fetal movement felt by mother so you should immediately contact your doc for fetal well-being to rule out any congenital or acquired problems by manual,Usg Doppler.
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