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Question: hi iam 14weeks pregnant last week one of my doctor detected that i have short cervix with 1.8cm and cervix os was opened then she suggested me to do stitch.. but as per my second opinion i consulted another doctor.. then that second doctor said that my cervix was closed and stitch is not nesssecary.. Now iam in big confusion.. plz suggest me what to do..

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Answer: hi dear! with this measurement that is 1.8cm your cervix can open anytime. as the pregnancy progresses the cervix length decreases to prepare for the delivery in the later stages. so if your length has already been decreased to 1.8 and when the pregnancy progresses there are very high chances that you will delivery very soon much before the date and as a result premature baby can be delivered which is not goof for the baby . so since you are just at 14 weeks do get a cervical stitch or else you might face a preterm delivery. and about the cervical os being opened, there can be possibility that the internal os of the cervix can be opened and that is understood only after examination. take care.
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Question: Im in 19th week of pregnancy. Today i had Tiffa scan and doctor said 2.8 is my cervix length with 1 cm internal os. Last year i had miscarriage in 24 week , started with bleeding then cervix opened. Now doctor is suggesting for stitch she also saying that chances of miscarriage is there even after stitch. ed.
Answer: Yes doctor is right there must be cervix incompetence. Try to save this pregnancy in any way you should carry up to 28 weeks, go for stitches and after that take progesterone and be on COMPLETE BED rest go to washroom only and take bath 2 times a week. If you go for motion with pressure use stool softener and syrup you should not go for motion with any pressure. There are still chances to carry at least till 28 weeks when baby can easily survive outside womb.
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Question: Mam I was admitted in the hosp. today. My ultrasound report says "cervix is opened upto 2.5cms only .6mm is closed" doctor has told me for stitching, iam really really stressed. Iam pregannt from 7 months.
Answer: Hello dear please dont worry I understand you are feeling afraid of it. But cervical cerclage is very important in your case. Because your cervical is a little weak and it has started to slowly open. You should get it done as soon as possible else it would increases the chances of pre-term delivery. This is a very simple process and it is re-opened during labor. go for it, best wishes
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Question: Hi my consultin hospital tells my internal cervix is open n nd a stitch..bt my ultrasound done post that says cervix is 3.4cm and internal os appears closed.i also consulted another gynac n she says there isnt anytg to worry..im in my 29th week..is a cervical stitch needed mandatory or what ways i can take care
Answer: Right now it's ok. But good to take bed rest. Don't strain yourself. It can lead to cervical incompetence
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