7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...i went to hospital for checkup they gave folic acid tablets and progesterone tablets...its written on tablets to store under 25 degrees temperature,should I keep in fridge? Since room temperature is 29 degrees

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Answer: Hi! You can keep them outside in normal room temperature,no need to refrigerate them.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi dearl no need to keep fridge. Just store in outside
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Question: I visited doctor they gave me folic acid tablets and said if u have done home pregnancy test then it is postive said and gave me folic acid tablets and gave for scanning at 31 October,iam worried whether i should take tablets r not .r wait till scann
Answer: If you have doubt, you can do test again. Please do ultrasound first. You will get to know your baby is healthy or not. If baby s heartbeat is good then you can start taking folic acid tablets. It will help in baby s growth. I hope my answer helps you
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Question: Hi. My doctor gave me folic acid and progesterone tablets for me. In my first pregnancy I used only folio acid. Why should I use progesterone tablets?
Answer: In my case also doctor gave me progesterone tablet.... It will increase hormone level in our body... Progesterone is essential for smooth pregnancy upto 3 month... No problem for having this medicine... One drawback is it may cause constipation
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Question: Today i went for 7th month checkup my doc gave me iron calcium tablets but not folic acid is folic acid really necesary
Answer: Folic acid necessary in first trimester only, since second trimester started doctor prescribes iron and calcium
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