Few days old baby

Question: Hi ,I went through c sec ,on 14 jan..had placenta previa.it was success ful operation but i have some pain while passing urine,why it is there?is that due to cathetor or any other?

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Question: I had c sec on 16 jan.. And im feeling that im forgetting things..
Answer: Congratulations on your baby. Dont stress yourself too much there are lots of hormonal changes after delivery as well so forgetting few things is not actually an issue. Give yourself rest dear.
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Question: while passing urine I was noticed that urine mixed with blood(Dillusion) .. please tell me why it is??
Answer: If you are sure then consult doctor asap. She will check for veginal infection or plecenta position.. or reason why that happened.. !
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Question: while passing the urine some blood drop on pot is that normal
Answer: hello.. dear implantation bleeding is normal in early pregnancy. seeking an doctor advice helps you better.. happy pregnancy.
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