29 weeks pregnant mother

Hi .. I wanted to ask that is there any limit of eating green peas in pregnancy.. in am 27 weeks pregnant

Hi dear yes u should keep everything what u eat as moderate qty . Peas can give u digestion problem. So keep it under control.
Eating normal amount is fine.. like how u were eating before pregnancy. It does not have any bad effects on the baby
There may be chances of acidity
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Question: Can i eat poha daily in pregnancy?? Or is there any limit for it?? I am 24 weeks pregnant
Answer: Poha is dehusked rice... U can eat in smal quantity
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Question: Hi, I wanted to know that eating black resins is safe in pregnancy or not ?
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Yes you can have raisins or dry grapes which is very good during pregnancy. This helps in: Constipation. Eases Digestion. Gives high energy. Strong Bones. Take care.
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Question: Hie. Wanted to ask If grade 2 placenta in 27 weeks is okay?
Answer: Yeahnit is totally ok....it means fetus growthbis normal nd placenta is yet to mature fully it will be grade three furing last trimester
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