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Question: Hi , i want to know about stem cell preserving.. is it useful to preserve? Is anybody preserve that?

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Answer: Hi. Stem cells are cells with the potential to develop into many different types of cells in the body. They serve as a repair system for the body. So, they are pleuripotent cells. These cells can't grow a while new organism. Those type of cells are known and totipent cells and they are present in the early human embryonic conditions. Now, the best stem cell bank in India.. Frankly speaking, there aren't much of them. India's first private cord blood stem cell bank, 'Lifecell' was launched in Chennai with an investment of Rs 12 crore (Rs 120 million) it marked the ignition of this sector. The top picks are LifeCell (laboratories in Chennai and Gurugram), BabyCell (laboratory in Lonavala, Mumbai) and CordLife (laboratory in Kolkata.) Storing cord blood cells in India for 18 to 20 years will cost around 65,000 - 80,000. It's would be a beneficial decision to go after the stem cells banking as the stem cells will pay off in unexpected ways during serious health issues.
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Question: I wife in 32week of pregnancy..I want know about stem cells preserving is it useful r not ..n which company z better for stem cell preserving..plz suggest us
Answer: the stem cells are basically stored for 25 years. they can be helpful for the child if he/ she ever suffers from blood related diseases such as blood cancers, immunological disorders etc. though the research is still going on, storage of stem cell is kind of a insurance policy for the child's health. In india many companies are providing this facility most popular are Life cell and Cord life. Lifecell is oldest and trusted but there are many . Call there customer care no they will send their executives at your door to explain about procedure and packages
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