6 months old baby

Question: Hi i want to go back to office this month (feb 27) i tried giving expressed milk by avent feeding bottle to baby she is not accepting it. Someone please suggest how can i offer breast milk to her in my absence. I even tried feeding from spoon but nothing is working. This excercise going on from past 15 days. If any mom has undergone my situation please suggest me

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Answer: Try using bowl and spoon. Kids take time to new feeding methods. Try new methods several times a day, when baby is half done with breastfeeding.
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Question: my 6 month old baby not accepting feed through bottle..i have tried philips avent also but it is not working with him..he is not even accepting my milk through bottle..m so worried hv to resume office and baby is not ready to accept bottle..please mommies provide your valuable suggestions..
Answer: Try pigeon nipple same problem mere sath thi usse guma Kar pilao song sunao poem sunao whichever baby likes don't worry le legi baby and jab wo bahut bhukhi ho tab usse do AAP maat do Ghar par Kisi aur ko bolo
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Question: Our baby is 5 months old. she is not taking even breast milk from bottle or spoon. We tried with even avent natural but she plays with bottle and chew it but don't drink at all. Please suggest.
Answer: If the baby is not hungry enough,she will play. Give her when she actually hungry. After some days or now also, you can start apple puree and mash banana. You can add your breast milk or formula milk into it.
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Question: My 7 month old baby boy dsnt like to drink water.. he spits it everytime. I tried feeding him water with spoon, milk bottle, sipper nothing wrkings..
Answer: Hello dear Here are tips to try to encourage your young child to drink water. 1. Put the water in a cup rather than a bottle. 2. Try different types of baby cups. It can be hard to get water out of cups with a no-spill spout 3. Give water on a spoon or from an open cup to get your baby used to the flavour  4. Give foods that naturally contain a high proportion of water. 5. Offer your baby water between meals when she’s not hungry and keen for food. 6. Let the baby play with water and enjoy with it. All these can help ur baby to drink more water
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