27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..I want to ask you doctor that what to eat to grow baby's weight faster ?

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Answer: Add ghee to ur diet
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Question: Hi I want to ask you ...what should I eat ..my.EDD-24/4/2018...
Answer: Edd??? 24 april kaise ho gyee aapki?? LMP hoga aap ka. Edd means expected due date
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Question: I am pregnant with 1 month 20 days. I want to ask you that may i eat papaya ???.
Answer: Hello... No at all. Don't eat papaya. It will cause problem fr ur pregnancy. Hope this helps you. Thumbs up.
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Question: how to grow baby's weight
Answer: . Baby suppose to gain 500gm per month But still for improving baby while baby is on breastfeeding sharing u the ways: 1) Sleep close to baby. this increase prolactin and frequency of nursing.  2) Do baby massage. That improve baby digestion and helps weight gain. 3) carry baby through out the day in baby carrier get as much skin to skin as u can.  4) nurse atleast after two hours and atleast once at night.  5) make sure u allowed baby to completely finish one side before offering another one.  6) always offer second side even if he seems to be uninterested.  7) do massage of breast before offering milk so that a proper flow of milk can be received by baby.  8) make sure to feed baby for already 15 mins from one side to assure baby get fore and hind milk
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