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Question: Hi, I've taken Double marker test. And the Disorder is Screen Positive Cutoff. What does it mean? Please reply

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Answer: Dual marker test is not a diagnostic test to be positive or negative it is a screening test it will tell you your risk category for the baby's abnormality if your risk is low you need not worry . So each age group will have a cut off . So for that age if the risk is above the range then you will have a positive screening test.
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Question: My double marker test is showing intermediate risk for down syndrome what does that mean
Answer: No double maker test shows only positive or negative If the ratio 1:10 to 1: 250 is considered as postive they have high chances of chromsomal abnormalities If ratio 1:1000 is considered as negative in this the possibility of getting any chromsomal disorder are low Don't worry about children with these defect can live normal life with extra care
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Question: What is double marker test
Answer: It's a test that is usually done in the first trimester, between 10th to 13th week of pregnancy to determine any chrimosonal malfunction and to check if a baby in the womb has any neurological conditions like down syndrome. It's mainly to ensure the health of the baby.
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Question: What is NT scan test and double marker test and how it is done??
Answer: NT scan is taken in first trimester which screens your baby for the abnormalities.this test only predicts the risk.whereas double marker detects any kind of neurological conditions in the foetus such as down syndrome.
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