22 months old baby

Question: Hi.. i used to feed my baby by bottle feed.. do i need to change the bottle? How often i have to change? I change the nipple for every 3 months is this right? Plz help me out..

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Answer: Plz try to use glass for feeding....then only the baby learn to drink via glass......
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Question: How often i have to change the feeding bottle?
Answer: Hi.. You need to keep a check on the nipples, milk should drip steadily out of it, if it comes rushing out of nipples, the hole is too big and the nipple should be replaced. Wash the bottles everyday, if you do not wish to change the bottles, you can change the nipples in every three to four months time.
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Question: Hi. can anyone tell me how long we need to change baby's feeding bottle and nipple???
Answer: How is time sterilized feeding bottel and nipple ??
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Question: for how many months do i need to feed my baby after every 2 hrs.
Answer: Hi dear ,till 6 months .after about 3 months you should feed every 2.5-3 hrs .wven that is finne.itbdeoends upon the demand of the baby as such there us no particular rule for that
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Question: How often we need to change the baby's diaper ?? My son is 3 months old.
Answer: For every 3-4 hours dear
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