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Question: Hi, I underwent c section on nov 24th last year. i got a very small infection on the incision area 3 weeks back. My gyno cleared the pus and dressed the wound. The wound was like a pin point, that small. And for a week they gave me antibiotics tablets and the wound was healing... Yestrrday mrng i checked my wound after my bath, it was healthy but at night suddenly some watery discharge was there and i again went to see my gyno but she was not there the duty doctor told me the same like u have small wound and she dressed me again ... Please help

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Answer: Hello, I think doctor would have given some topical cream to apply for the pus also please do not put water on the pus as its may spread. Please follow doctor advice they are right.
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    Preethi Pragalathan642 days ago

    Ok thanku so much.. dr didnt give me anything.

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Question: I underwent cesarean on 3rd February 2019, and delivered a baby at 5:59am. Now that I have my wound dressed by a big tissue plaster. But I have started to feel itchy sensation all around the tissue plaster and wound. Is this normal??
Answer: Yes it is... Just apply bio oil or coconut oil instead of scratching... and avoid direct nail contact... U may just rub with cloth if really needed... It should go away gradually... But do not hesitate to consult if any puss or wetness felt near the wound
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Question: I had gone through c section around 1 month back...right side a small swelling on incision was there and doc had given me antibiotics..and now its healing and pain is less...anyways the lower abdomen just above the incision(place between navel and incision )..there is small pain wen i press..its like a bruise pain inside..is this normal?
Answer: Hi dear. C section is a major surgery, your body has gone through a lot , so yes this pain is quite normal after c section. Just focus on nutritious diet , it will help you healing it faster.
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Question: I had a c sec 28 days before.. but wound is not healing... it releases some pus.... and also lit open is there at the stitch areas
Answer: you better consult a doctor because your stitches not healed and some pus coming out so better you consult a doctor and he will give you the ointment.
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