15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I need the suggestion that doctor is telling every month scanning so is it safe

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Answer: Dear every month scanning is not required.. But, you can always question your gynaecologist about it.. Also, of you are not satisfied with your gynaecologist verdict, you can always take a second opinion..
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Question: Hi I am 6 th month pregnant. Now we analomy scanning in that my baby nose is depressed so please any solution or any suggestion about that problem....
Answer: Hi don't worry as it may settle with time so don't take stress about it maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated as this will help baby in growth and development take care everything will be fine stay positive take care all the best
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Question: Hi, am getting increased 2kg every month ,is it normal or i need to reduce my weight ,doctor is telling we should not increase that much,am scaring about that please suggest me.
Answer: I also faced rapid weight gain and was told to watch my diet. So m trying, but you should not be hungry it's not good. Stop any sweets, biscuits, fried snack, numkeen etc. Eat only plain food not oily or spicy. Decrease flour intake. Replace some part of food with a fruit and salad. Try to use only salt and a pinch of pepper in your food. Eat as less fried food as possible. Hope it will work.
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Question: I am 39 weeks pregnant... scanning has done in 8 th month...so now doctor is telling that no need of scanning now...is there any need of scanning before delivery time??
Answer: Yes, u need to scan why because doctors need a information about cervix length as well as weight of a baby and baby position
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