2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I missed my periods on 7th Feb 2019 and had ovulation day on 21st jan ....how many weeks m I pregnant? Thankyou in advance😊

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Answer: Hello dear. Both dates are not useful fir calculating weeks. As your oregnancy is calculated based on your last period first day. That is counted as day 1 and then weeks are added to it. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi dear, All the calculations are done from your last menstrual period date.so I am assuming your LMP was 7 th jan.so count the days from 7 th Jan till today.you are 6 weeks 2 days pregnant now.
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Question: I missed period on 10 jan 2019 how many weeks pregnant iam
Answer: Hi dear, So you would.be around 6 weeks pregnant.congratulations!
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Question: Hi, i m confused that i have my lmp on 28th jan 2019 & we had our first sex on 8thfeb 2019.. Yesterday i checked from strips i showed two lines that means i m pregnant so of how many weeks?
Answer: hi there is nothing to be confused about if you are last month period date was 28th of January and you have had your intercourse on 8th of February it means you have ovulated either just before 8th or just after 8th means you have ovulated Within 10th to 12th day of your periods how you have conceived successfully so the result that you have found out today is absolutely correct there is nothing to be worried about.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How it is possible my marriage on 16 dec 2019 and on 15 feb 2019 m pregnant of 10 weeks..
Answer: Hi dear for this plz get a proper clarity from doctor. I think there is a problem in ur report. Or i will suggest u to consult any other doctor.
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Question: I had my last periods on 11th feb. How many weeks am I pregnant ?
Answer: hi dear, pregnansy week calculated from the week of your last menstrual period before conceiving. so, according to your LMP this is your 6 weeks of pregnancy.
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