16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm 15 weeks pregnant today I feel more time to go for washroom it's may 20mnts once like tat is there anything problem

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Answer: Hello, Frequent urination is very normal during pregnancy. It happens by the pressure on the bladder from growing uterus. Hormonal changes make ur blood flow to ur kidneys more quickly, filling ur bladder more often which causes more frequent urination during pregnancy.
Answer: No problem at all. And it's completely normal. R u having any pain r burning sensation during passing of urine?
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    Yamu Sathi1042 days ago


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Question: i m 4-5week pregnant and after every meal i feel my stomach heavy that i need to go to washroom. its like loose motion type feelings.
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy while pregnancy digestive system becane too weak thats why its happens so dont worry there s no medical issue .take plenty of water as take 8 to 10glass water daily ,buttermilk, coconut water nd lemonate ,fresh fruits juices ,add curd ib ur diet, take mong dal kichri ,mong dal wit chapati ,sabudana kichri nd avoid oily spicy nd junk food. Take digene akso Instead of big meals, eat more frequent small meals through the day. This reduces pressure on the gut, making digestion easier.Take your time eating, and chew thoroughly as this aids the process of digestion. Try it
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Question: I'm feeling like I'm have to go for vomiting why this problem not ended
Answer: You can get vomiting during any time of pregnancy. You Should have citrus fruits like lemon orange keenu sweet lime . Always eat in smaller amount .
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Question: Hi ladies , I'm 35 weeks pregnant now....I feel less movements today, of I feel also on the right side i feel more...what does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear, feeling baby movements at any side is ok, after eating a meal or snack, sit or lie down comfortably in a quiet place with no distractions , count your baby moves, kicks, twists, or pushes for 1hour after breakfast and after lunch and after dinner.in total 3 hours movements should be atleast above 10.if movements are less than 10 please visit doctor once.take care
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