29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I m 28 weeks pregnant should I keep fast today for karwachoth or not

Answer: Hi dear it is better to avoid fast today as it can affect ur baby . Ur baby need a proper supply of food and water. Not giving him can make u n ur baby uneasy at this point of time. U have whole life for the same dear. I will personally advise u to avoid the fast this year for ur baby betterment.
Answer: Hello Am happy to help you You need lot of nutrition at this time. If you can manage your fast by eating fruits and some other things than please keep else strictly no. Take care of your health and your baby it's more priority. If my answer is helpful please give thumbs up thanks
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Question: I am 13 week pregnant can i fast karwachoth
Answer: Hi dear, Please refrain from fasting during pregnancy.it is never recommended.during pregnancy lot of hormonal fluctuations keep happening,and most of them are directly or indirectly linked to body functions.when you fast at this stage,you put more stress to your body.your sugar levels go haywire and it could lead to fainting episodes,which is definitely not expected at this stage.it could lead to pre term labor too.dehydration during this adds more stress too.
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Question: Hey i m 4month pregnant can i keep fast
Answer: Hello dear.. Fasting is not good in pregnancy and it leads to nutritional lack to growing baby, but in unavoidable circumstances, have atleast fruit juices and water to make you hydrated, and if you have any pregnancy related health issues it is advisable to consult doctor before fasting
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Question: Hi..i m 6 weeks pregnant..today i went to doc for scan..till now baby has no heartbeat..should i worry or not
Answer: No, don't worry... Worrying won't help you & your baby in any way... Sometimes heart beats are seen in 7th or 8th week also... So be patient, be positive and be hopeful... God will do the rest... Take care and God bless you both... 😊
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