21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m 20 weeks pregnant n having white discharge milky white in colour n it is very thik plz suggest is i jv to worry abt it ?

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Answer: Hello....Even I had same problem ...it's common in pregnancy... If it is heavy discharge then u can consult Ur doctor otherwise it's common... If it is white n thick it is normal...if it is light redish or yellowish means u should consult doctor...don't worry ...if u have doubt u can call Ur doctor n clarify
Answer: Hello,don't worry it normal in pregnancy,if u r discharge is coming with a bad small or lite yellow colour then u will consult to u r doctor
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Question: Hi my son is 7month but his not crawling I m little worry about it plz suggest me
Answer: Dont worry dear give healthy diet to ur baby..give three times breast milk or formula milk nd three timrs solids per daly so dear when ur baby gets up give breast feed or formuka milk after two hours give fruits purees as after in lunch give mong dal soup .rice water .sooji wit milk .sooji sheera , aata sheera,Ragi porridge , cerelac ,mashed rice ,curd sweet potato puree or halwa ,nd after that in evening give bf .in eight pm give sooji kheer ,Makhana kheer ,rice kheer ,sevai kheer ,Apple sooji kheer. Till morning give only bf or formula milk nd massage to ur babies back nd legs wit dabur red oil its makes muscles nd bones strong nd baby starts crawling soon .try it dear .
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Question: Hi dr. I m 7th weeks pregnant. I m having bleeding with blood clots and sometimes having brown clots discharge. In my ultrasound report my yolk sac is irregular bt heartbeat is present.. it's my 1st pragnancy so m worried... plzz suggest me what is the reason behind it
Answer: There could be many reason for this & even some are unknown. Mostly due to hormonal changes you can experience bleeding and brown discharge. Chances of miscarriage is there. Hope you are taking proper medicine after Consulting doctor. Also take complete rest until this problem resolved. Take care.
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Question: Hii everyone I m 7 week pregnant. I m having red and brown discharge with blood clots.. plz suggest me
Answer: That's really bad dear. Hope you already informed your doctor and taking medicine. If this continue it can leads to miscarriage. Hope you are taking complete rest. Keep yourself well hydrated and take rest and also eat light diet only... Take care dear.
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