30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I'm 30 weeks pregnant . my weight is 93.6 height 156cms. before pregnant my weight is 89.6. I don't have any other health problems. is normal delivery possible for me

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Answer: My sister delivered a healthy baby with 95kg weight and my frnd at 100+kg weight and both had high blood pressure at the time of delivery but managed to do it normally.It all depends your baby's position, placenta position,your tolerance level of pain,your obstetrician and so on...
Answer: normal delvry wil psbl or not is totally depnd on d last movmnt nd last cndition dear.. one of my frnd havng 102kg weight delvrd a baby boy thru normal delvry
Answer: too much weight may be the problem and doctor can consider for c sec. so take care of ur health and ur baby.
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Question: Hi, I'm 34 weeks pregnant. My baby is in breech position. is it possible to have normal delivery? What should I do to help me for normal delivery?
Answer: You have one month time by that time baby may come to cephalic position....walk regularly
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Question: Hi... I'm 30 week pregnant. I have swelling in legs.. is there any problems....will get normal delivery?
Answer: Swelling are common during pregnancy due to a number of factors. The increased weight on the feet causes feet to swell. There are also a number of hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy that can cause it to swell. Also during 3rd trimester, excess swelling cud b due to increased blood volume and circulation. Our prego bodies are working very hard during this last trimester to pump blood and sometimes the increased pressure in the veins leading to the extremities causes swelling. Deficiencies in folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B-12 can contribute to it, so pls get urself checked fr tat. Try this above dadi ka nuska it really works, besides that I suggest you keep ur feet in running cold water for 2-3 times in a day or use a bag of frozen peas against the painful area on your wrist. Gently exercise to move the excess fluid, and keep your legs raised whenever possible. Drinking chamomile tea could also help. Exercise & massage helps to relieve the pain.
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Question: My bmi is 35 now at 33 weeks pregnant..I don't have any other complications..can I have normal delivery..??
Answer: Helo dear normal delivery depend on our baby position our health condition and our baby health condition so we cannot predict it earlier. It will be good if we take more healthy nutritious for keep ourselves physically and emotionally fit we should not take any stress or any fear and also do regular exercise walking.
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