16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m 15 weeks pregnant my lower part of belly feel cold when i touch i dont know why?

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Answer: Hi dear, This is a common concern in pregnant women, especially when the skin starts to stretch.as the blood vessels starts to stretch the blood circulation there gets slower.due to which it gets cold at times.your baby is fine.
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Question: Why do i feel stomach tightness? When i touch my belly it feels so tight
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Tummy tightness is mostly due to gas and hormone changes. Stomach tightness can be reduced to a great extent by taking cumin water with ghee and sugar. It helps to get relief from gas so tummy becomes lose. Take care
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Question: I m 17 weeks pregnant. My upper belly is sticking out but lower belly is not. The upper part is hard to touch but lower part of belly is soft. Is there anything to worry about. Plz tell me.
Answer: Hello dear this is normal don't worry.. During pregnancy, it is quite common for women to experience a lot of physical and mental changes. There are more chances of the uterus expanding in size and would eventually start to press against the walls of the stomach and thereby, give you a hard feeling. With each passing day, the hardness of the stomach becomes quite normal. This condition occurs for most pregnant women. There is nothing to worry about as pregnant woman will have a hard belly during pregnancy. So do not worry about this. Drink plenty of water, go for walking in the fresh air morning and evening for 30-45 minutes and proper rest is important
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Question: Hi, since few days my lower abdamon is paining like hell. Dont know why . M 5 weeks pregnant
Answer: Ohk dear, that really bad. Too much pain in lower abdomen in early weeks of pregnancy is a matter of concern which you should consult your doctor as soon as possible. Drink plenty amount of water and take complete bed rest.
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