34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ... I'm 33 weeks pregnant.. my HB percentage is 9 only. I'm using medicine to increase it... But no use.. and this is my 2nd pregnancy.. 1st is c-section only.. so 2nd one also should be c-section it seems as per doctors.. can anyone help me with home remedies to increase HB percentage..

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Answer: Hello dear. I am sharing 7 superfoods that increase the haemoglobin: 1.) Beetroot- With the addition of hemoglobin in the body, it is beneficial in the problem of gas stomach gas. Not only this, beetroot is very effective in maintaining the skin in the jaw. Iron has more iron content than its beetle. 2.) Amla- Amla is very effective in removing the lack of blood in the body. Due to vitamin C, it keeps the health good. Amla can be used as marmalade, juice, salad and raw fruits. 3.) Basil-Tulsi also removes the lack of blood. Every morning, after chewing fresh leaves of Tulsi, the acidity of the blood will be removed and the blood will rise. 4.) Banana-Banana protein, iron, and minerals increase blood in your body. So eat banana every morning with milk. 5.) Guava- Guava is a fruit that eliminates the lack of blood and also provides essential antioxidants to the body. Especially eating baked guava produces more blood in the body. 6.) Spinach and fenugreek-fenugreek cleans the blood and simulates hemoglobin. By mixing it with spinach, eating blood also purifies blood and blood increases. If you can not eat this, then drink them both once a day. Will benefit. 7.) Tomatoes- Tomato is beneficial in increasing blood volume. It enhances the body's immune power. Tomato intake has no blood shortage. Tomato soup or tomatoes, increases the amount of blood in the body. Hope this helps.
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Question: My hb percentage is 9.2 I'm 33 weeks pregnant how to increase it
Answer: Hello dear U can try following food habits to increase haemoglobin : The top iron rich foods include green leafy vegetables like spinach, beetroot, tofu, asparagus, chicken liver, whole egg, oysters, apple, pomegranate, apricot, watermelon, prunes, pumpkin seeds, dates, almonds, raisins, amla and jaggery
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Question: My 1st delivery was c section so is it necessary to do 2nd also c section
Answer: Hi dear, Mostly previous c section delivery,would make the normal delivery next time difficult.the successive delivery post c sections are mostly c section only.VBAC is what it is called.vaginal birth after C section.if everything looks good with your reports,doctors will monitor you more closely during your labour if you've had a caesarean before. This is because of a risk of the scar from your last caesarean tearing during contractions,utrene rupture,which is very very rear but possible.....
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Question: My hb percentage is 9.2 how to increase it
Answer: Hi, Your Hemoglobin should be around 11. Since, you are pregnant doctor will prescribe you the Iron tablets and also please include Iron rich food in your diet like leafy vegetables, anjeer, pomegranate, beetroot. Having beetroot juice and anjeer daily in the morning will increase the hb count. Please consult your doctor before taking any tablets and they will suggest you the right thing for you and your baby.
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