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Question: hi, I m 13 weeks pregnant... I m loosing interest in having food... kindly suggest me proper diet during pregnancy which should be followed

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Answer: Hello dear congratulations for pregnancy. Lose hunger in 1st trimester of pregnancy in very common. It is important that you are guided right about what to eat during pregnancy. Sticking to healthy food options will lead to safe and healthy pregnancy. Thus, follow the given advices irrespective of your lifestyle and stage of pregnancy. Green veggies, especially leafy vegetables such as Spinach (paalak), fenugreek. leaves (methi), bathua, sarson, radish leaves (moolie) and lettuce. Black-eyed beans such as bengal gram, chickpeas. Citrus fruits such as muskmelon, oranges, sweetlime, grape fruit (mausambhi). Fortified breakfast cereal - whole wheat flakes, oats, cornflakes, whole-wheat flour, bread and pasta. Nuts, especially walnuts and almonds. Avoid caffeinated drinks. Take coconut water, milk shakes, fresh fruit juices or lemonade. Increase water intake to avoid dehydration.
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Question: Hello Doctor, please suggest food diet to be followed during 15 weeks pregnant.
Answer: Include more fruits, vegetables and greens leafy vegetables in daily diet. Salads are good with every meal. Keep room well ventilated. Drink plenty of water 3-4 litres Eat any one vitamin-C rich foods immediately after your meal. (eg: orange, lime, sweet lime, guava, capsicum, amla) Eat atleast 2 iron rich foods daily (keerai, jaggery, fig, peanut, red rice flakes, liver, whole egg, dry fruits ladoo) If nausea or vomiting, use lemon, ginger, mint, orange, pomegranate frequent meals (5 to 7 meals) Physical activity alteast for 20 mins / daily. Try to increase upto 30 to 45 mins Good sleep 6-8 hours at night
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Question: I m having 6 weeks pregnancy. Suggest proper diet chart
Answer: Hello Get the BabyCenter Pregnancy & Baby App BabyCenter.com FREE - On Google Play Get the app Community Home Log in Join now to personalize Home  /  Pregnancy Q&A  / Nutrition & Weight Q&A   6 weeks pregnant. What to eat? I just found out I'm pregnant. I should be about 6 weeks. I go to school, and I used to only eat cereal or sometimes nothing until lunch. I don't want to do this anymore. But just what should I eat for breakfast, for example? Is a small bowl of cereal too little for 6 weeks? What about lunch? and dinner? This is my first pregnancy and I want to eat healthy.  barboza21 Asked 1/3/11 Answer this question advertisement | page continues below Mom Answers (1) Best answers Most recent  BEST ANSWER  Fish not to much but fish is always a good choice. I ate a small fish once a day Salmon Tuna or talapia Nothing full with mercury or nothing raw should be consumed. vegetables. Soy products from morning star help.I dont eat meat so protein was needed so I ate beans a small protion. I had boiled eggs not fried to oily and gave me gas or heart burn or nothing spicy. If I did eat cereal I used soy whole milk or silk , I ate cornflakes or something nutritious and I added fruits and oatmeal was a good breakfast choice. Fruits to snack on was a great help. Apples bananas grapes oranges. Yogurts. I gained 30 pounds 7 of it was my son and 1 pound was the placenta. Now Im back to my normal weight thanks to breast feeding and on the same eating plan.My daughter was completely healthy baby. Eating everything but in moderation. Take care
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Question: proper diet chart to be followed during early pregnancy
Answer: Congrats dear! You need to Eat lots of veggies and fruits. Take eggs, dry fruits, opt for the whole-wheat option whenever you can. Drink lots of water and 2 glasses of milk You’ll also need to eat foods rich in folate, allowing your baby’s neural tube to fuse properly in the first month, and to assist with your baby’s proper nervous system development; vitamin B6, which should help ease nausea; vitamin C, to help keep illness at bay; and iron to facilitate your increasing blood volume.
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