Question: hi, i m 16 weeks pregnant.. i m having stomach ache from 4 days . my doctor had done ultrasound and everything is fine . she gave me a course of medicine but i m still having the pain.. so according to u what is the cause of pain ?

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Answer:  when baby is conceived our body goes through various changes. these changes give pain, bulging body and all. As your uterus grows, it displaces your bowel,  Eat more frequent, smaller meals, exercise regularly, get rest, and empty your bladder often. Sometimes as the uterus expand, it stretches the round ligaments--two big ligaments that travel off the front of the uterus and down into the groin. Constipation and gas are, unfortunately, often part of pregnancy. these are main reasons of stomach pain.
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Question: I am having brown spotting my dr. had done tvs and everything was fine..but still the spotting has not gone..she suggested to inject proluton depot...i had done that but spotting is not going
Answer: Hi Dear! I think you need to continue Proluton depot fr some time as its a progesterone supplement and continues fr some time, and also pls inform the Dr. abt it and take his opinion.. Good luck!
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Question: I m 24 week pregnant but I cannot feel my baby movements frequently or daily. Is everything is OK. I had done gone through the fetal eco n level 2 ultrasound everything is fine. So why baby is not moving
Answer: Hi. In case you are not feeling any movements try these first. Drink something, water or juice, and lay down on your side. You should be able to feel your baby move. Sometimes the baby will be asleep and you'll have to wait till its active period. You're more likely to feel baby move when you're in a quiet position, either sitting or lying down.Change position, especially lying on my back or belly briefly.Eat something sweet, then wait a few minutes.Listen to music. ...Press on one side of my belly, and see if the baby presses back. Drink an icy cold glass of water to wake him up! In case after this also you don't feel any movements Please consult your doctor immediately Hope this helps!
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Answer: Same I suffered.... ... plz make sure to ur doc that if u r exclusively bf bcoz some tablets may enter ur lols through ur milk nd it effects..tak crr
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