34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I'm 34 weeks pregnant.. I gave birth to baby girl first time and had c section.. now my first baby is 2 years old.. can I have normal delivery now.. what should I do to have normal delivery coming to my weight I'm 79kgs now and I'm active I'm having lots of hips and thighs pain.. but I want to have normal delivery

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Question: Hello I had C-section in my first pregnancy... I don't want to have it again... I want to have normal delivery now.... because am 23weeks pregnant
Answer: Hii Midwives and doctors will monitor you more closely during your labour if you've had a caesarean before. This is because of a risk of the scar from your last caesarean tearing during contractions (uterine rupture). This sounds frightening but the chances of it happening are very low – about one in 200. If your obstetrician anticipates any potential problems with a VBAC, this may have been written in the hospital notes for your previous birth. You can ask the hospitalwhere you had your baby for a copy of your notes.  Try to find out as much information as possible, and talk through your options with your obstetrician. This will help you to decide whether you'd like to try for a VBAC.  If you decide that another caesarean is the best option for you, rest assured that this is a safe way to give birth, especially if it's planned.
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Question: Hi now I'm 34 weeks pregnant with second baby can I have a chance for normal delivery after my first baby c section delivery??
Answer: Hi dear, That answer depends on a number of issues, but many women are able to give birth vaginally after having a previous c-section (a process nicknamed VBAC, vaginal birth after c-section). The main risk of having a VBAC is uterine rupture, in which the c-section incision re-opens during delivery. Today doctors are screening women more carefully before recommending VBACs. So while fewer are being performed, they are much safer and more successful. But only your doctor can determine for sure if you're one of them
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Question: how many years required to got next birth for normal delivery. i had c section delivery
Answer: uska birth weight kitna hai.... birth weight tora reduce hota h after dilvery phir gain karna suru karte h baby weight... 2hr mein usko feed karoo or baby jitna sota hai usko sone do.... or weight sahe hai baby ka or 6+pee count hai or koi problem nahi h toh skiiny bhi toh koi frk nhi padhta.... breast milk do usko... n jayda saocho mat
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