23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I m 22 weeks pregnant, from last 2 I m having severe pain in my private area during pee

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Answer: Same Here..26 weeks pregnant
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Question: M having severe back pain from last 2 weeks can i use hot bag....m 13 weeks pregnant nd its my second pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, Back pain is quite common especially in the last trimester.but some women do have back pains from 2 nd trimester itself.due to increase in body weight along with rapid growth of baby,it takes toll on your back.try the following tips to comfort yourself: 1- maintain a good posture 2- keep yourself active,never sit or stand in one place for long 3-hot and cold compress works to relax the muscles 4- donot lift heavy objects,which could strain your back 5- always bend after folding your knees 6- sleep in your sides 7- check your calcium and vitamin D levels 8- wear comfortable shoes or slippers.acoid heals.
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Question: Hi.. I m 28 weeks pregnant.. having pain in belly button area.. is it normal??
Answer: Some abdominal pain during pregnancy is normal: After all, your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus is expanding, and your ligaments are stretching. And let's not forget morning sickness. But abdominal pain during pregnancy can be much more serious (though much rarer). Your growing uterus As your uterus grows, it displaces your bowel, Eat more frequent, smaller meals, exercise regularly, get rest, and empty your bladder often. Round ligament pain "Sometimes as the uterus enlarges, it stretches the round ligaments--two big ligaments that travel off the front of the uterus and down into the groin." Constipation and gas Constipation and gas are, unfortunately, often part and parcel of pregnancy. Progesterone, a hormone that increases during pregnancy.
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Question: I m 23 weeks pregnant From last two weeks i m having pain in my wrist during sleeping at night
Answer: Dear it can be due to wrong sleeping position. I also sometimes sleep on my hand sometime and get extreme pain next few days.. so please don't worry and do warm comprss on your hand and wrist that will give u relief...
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