25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I'm 25 weeks pregnant can I eat musk melon

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Answer: Hello dear many congratulations... Musk melon is safe in pregnancy. Cantaloupe, kharbuja, rockmelon or sweet melon, a muskmelon by any other name would taste as sweet.Mostly available in the summer months, muskmelon is known not just for its taste but for its nutritious  They improve your taste buds and These are one of the to-be-eaten fruits for the growth and development of your baby. doctor tells you to avoid the fruit, as it could contain listeria bacteria on the outside. It is safe as long as you peel the outer cover, cut, slice and eat the inside pulp carefully. All the best and happy pregnancy dear
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Question: Hi..can i eat musk melon daily?
Answer: Yes, muskmelon is a very safe fruit for pregnancy, if taken in moderation. The fruit is low on its calorie count and high in nutrients and fibre, making it a very safe and healthy snack option for expecting mother. Sometimes, a strain of bacteria called Listeria bacteria are found on the outer peel of the fruit, which can be harmful to pregnant women. Some doctor may ask you to avoid it for this reason. However, the inside fruit is safe to consume, if cleaned thoroughly.
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Question: Can i eat musk melon
Answer: Hello... Yes, you can have, it has lot of vitsmin and mineral, it also has lot of water content, helps in dehydration and also promote digestion
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Question: Can i eat musk melon?
Answer: Yes dear. You can eat muskmelon. There are no food restrictions dear. just avoid papaya and pinaple only. And eat all fruits dear.
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