37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m 37 weeks pregnant and in my scan report foetus is in longitudinal lie cephalic and spine noted anteriorly placenta is right lateral fundal and grade 3 my onli worry is my tummy has not dropped down fully till how much tym it vl take to drop down

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Question: Hi ..aj sonography hua to report me single live foetus in longitudinal lie and cephalic presentation with spine in right anterior position aisa aaya ..so is normal delivery possible?
Answer: Dear normal delivery depends on too many factor which cannot be predicted earlier. Like baby is engaged in time, cervix is dilated enough for the labor to start, amnuitic fluid level is apt as per the pregnancy. If all goes well you can have a normal delievry. Trust me it is based on my personal experience I ate healthy, was not overweight, no complications in pregnancy, absolutely healthy pregnancy I had and did all the exercises told by my gynae however my baby did mnot take the head down position and my cervix did not get dilated enough and my fluid level went extremely low. So just focus on your health and everything else leave it on god. Hope i helped.
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Question: Hi in my 37 weeks scan it is written that foetus in cephalic presentation and spine to left lie oblique.what does it mean
Answer: This means your baby is at head down position, head towards your pelvis and buttocks towards your chest. Its a most suitable position for normal delivery of the. baby. Head position of baby usually fixes at pelvis after 36 weeks. Is a good sign. Good wishes!
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Question: My baby presentation is cephalic and lie spine right lateral.. Is it okay? I am only 30weeks and 2 days.
Answer: The cephalic position is good and always ready for delivery It is your headlock position.
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