30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i m 29 weeks pregnant and feeling very low movement from last 5 days

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Answer: hello dear this is normal dont worry.. as your baby growing well in size and weight, so there is no place for him to move around your uterus.. thats why feel less movements dear
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Question: Hello, I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant. From last 2 days I could not feel more baby movements as before. Is it normal??
Answer: Yea dear It is normal . Now baby have occupied whole space On uterus . That is why you can feel light movement . Take care of your diet.
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant but not feeling any symptoms .is it Normal?? Few days back was feeling but suddenly ot stopped from 3-4 days, Any problem
Answer: Hi dear, not to worry.it is not mandatory that every pregnant women should have pregnancy symptoms in the pregnancy.usually morning sickness symptoms will start developing after 6-8weeks.even if will not have symptoms does not mean that your baby is not healthy.if you will not get any symptoms ,not to worry.most of the women blessed with healthy baby even without any symptoms.take care
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Question: Hi... Am 37 weeks pregnant... I am having vomitings, and body pains feeling very week what should I do now...
Answer: Hello dear you can get vomiting at any time of pregnancy you should drink lemonade orange juice take some citrus fruits like orange Keanu sweet lime . that time you should walk more be more active do your household chores so these pain will going to slow . you can feel this pain till your delivery time . these beans are false pain.
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