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Question: Hi.. i m 9 weeks pregnant and facing constipation problem..

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Answer: Hi for constipation follow below things. Eat a fibre-rich diet A high-fibre diet that contains lots of wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread, lentils, brown rice and fruit and vegetables. This will provide you with roughage to aid your digestion.  Stay hydrated You should drink between eight and 12 glasses of water every day. Not only will this help with your digestion, but will also keep you away from dehydration. Be active Staying active and exercising will help to prevent constipation. Walking. Start each meal with salad or raw vegetables or fruit and try to have some of the following every day: Fresh fruit, such as orange (santara), guava (amrud), sweet lime (mausambi), grapes (angoor), and grapefruit (chakotra).
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Question: Hi mam i m 6 weeks pregnant and i m facing problm of constipation.. Plz help
Answer: hi dear! so dear constipation is very normal in pregnancy . but it has to be cured and cant be left untreated . you can try by doing dietary changes : -consumption of fibre rich foods like : wholewheat , oats , cereals along with beans , peas , lentils . -consume 10-12 cups of water daily . - you can drink beetroot juice also is will be effective against constipation and also prevents anemia. -you can start your day by having soaked dry fruits also include vegetable soups , banana smoothie and fresh juices . also there are medicines like dulcolax but it should be taken only after consulting your doctor. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful!
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Question: Hi,I am 9 weeks pregnant, I have constipation. Any suggestions for the problem that I am facing.
Answer: Hydrate urself with lots of water tender coconut buttermilk fresh fruits juices.. eat radish mixed with curd in the morning.
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Question: Hi I'm 6th month pregnant and m facing a problem of constipation. What should I do??
Answer: Constipation during pregnancy is mainly caused by hormonal changes. Pregnancy is often accompanied by an increase in the progesterone hormone that causes the relaxation of all the muscles in your body, including your intestinal muscles. Relaxed intestinal muscles mean slower digestion, and this can lead to constipation. Few remedies  Lemon : Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water.Add honey to taste and consume this dailyOranges Have an orange or two on a daily basis.  Flaxseeds Consume half a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds via your daily diet.Gradually increase the intake to two tablespoons Lemon Or Peppermint Essential Oil Mix the essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice.Massage this mixture on your abdomen. Kiwi Fruit Have a kiwi daily.  Yogurt Consume a cup of plain yogurt.  Apple Juice Cut an apple into small pieces and blend it with a cup of warm water.Consume this juice. Apple Cider Vinegar Take a glass of warm water and add a tablespoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar to it.Mix well and consume this solution. Chia Seeds Let the chia seeds soak in water for 30 minutes.Add the soaked chia seeds to your favorite drink and have it.    
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