9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and experiencing a little bleeding.. is it something to worry about??

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Answer: Consult Ur doctor immediately .. the extent of bleeding will determine the treatment .. don't worry.. slight bleeding sometimes is not a big issue .. doctor shall guide u
Answer: Hi... My suggestion consult your gynecologist as soon as possible... Because you are in first timer so don't take any risk...
Answer: Yes
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Question: Hi I'm 26 weeks pregnant and today I'm experiencing little watery discharge ...is it something serious?
Answer: Hi dear,,.. I understand how annoying it gets to feel wet down there.but hormonal fluctuations would often during pregnancy lead to such white discharges ,often referred to leukorrhea.they are usually harmless but if thy give you itching or smell bad,then you better check with doctor,as that could be sign of yeast infection and needs treatment.keep the area clean and dry with the help of panty liner.
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Question: I am 30 weeks pregnant and had bleeding today..is it something to worry about
Answer: Bleeding at any stage of pregnancy is not normal. It may be due to placenta previa. Consult your doctor immediately!!
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Question: I'm 9 weeks pregnant and i had a Brown spotting is it something to worry about?
Answer: Though spotting is very common in first trimester.. it is always advisable to consult your doc ..
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