17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I'm 16 weeks. Is it safe to take vomikind which is to stop vomit? Today I didn't take that tablet but as soon I eat anything I started to vomit. After taking it vomit sensation has stopped. But my friend's advising me to stop that tablet as it is little harm for baby. Please advice

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Answer: No medicine should be taken without consulting ur doctor during pregnancy dear.. For vomitings mostly doctors prescribe doxinate.. Ask ur doctor
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    LEKHA dupley62 days ago

    Thanks dear 👍

Answer: No there's nothing harm in taking it... But only two per day.. not more than that
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    LEKHA dupley98 days ago

    Thankie 😊

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Question: I am 3month pregnent i am taking vomikind 4md tablet for vomitting is it any harm to my baby?
Answer: After pregnancy take each medicine with the consult of doctor only..
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Question: I have really bad morning sickness and vomit as soon as i wat anything..even after having coconut water. I have been taking vomikind medicine daily , but still it doesnt help me
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear Vomits in pregnancy are mostly due to raise in acidity and hormone changes dear Avoid spicy food and oily foods as they increase your uneasiness Eat fresh fruits drink juices coconut water boiled vegetables After dinner walk for 10 to 15 mts do not go to bed immediately dear Add cumin to water boil leave it aside till it cools now add little ghee and sugar Drink this before going to bed and three times in the morning too Your sickness reduces a lot and you can sleep well too Tamarind with salt cumin chilli powder jaggery grounded well taken in small portions helps to stops vomits to certain extent dear Lemon also helps to reduce vomits dear Take care
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Question: As soon as i stop Pause tablet spotting starts.. do i need to take it through out pregnancy ??
Answer: Hi dear it do happens to some moms that they bleed all along the pregnancy. So I think u should discuss dis with ur doctor as u have dis complications dear. Plz don't take any decision of having or stopping such medicine as it can directly affect ur baby.
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