Question: hi I'm 29 week pregnant wid twins.... got cervical baby is cephalic nd d other was breech...d one who was cephalic was kicking too much into d dat a prob??? pls clarify I'm very much tensed

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Answer: you can't resist the baby kick just do one thing whenever it hurts you start massaging very gently on your tummy on that area .baby usually understand the mother touch and will respond you n gets a ways from that area.
Answer: thank u Prabha rajesh
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Question: Hi, I am 24th week pregnent. One week back I got some bleeding and got cervical stitch. Doctor advised me to take bedrest. After cervical stitch, can we get up from the bed to go to washroom, toilet, bathing and for food?? Is it completely aboided to sit with back support on the bed also?? Please anyone is aware of this, pls clarify my doubt. It is very much difficult to lye down on the bed continuously without relaxing for half an hour also on a chair or on a chair. Please please please answer me.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Answer: I am too on bedrest since 12 weeks, similar situation. I only getup for washroom, bath and food. Later, I had to start food also in sleeping position. It's better to do as Doc says, matter of few months for us but better for life of child
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